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28 e 29 settembre
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Re-think Circular Economy Forum Taranto 2021


The Future

The format of the "Re-think Circular Economy Forum" events was designed by Tondo to stimulate critical thinking towards some elements of the current industrial economic system, showing the possible evolutionary trends of the Circular Economy. During the events, practical paths are shown, capable of leading to innovative and entrepreneurial activities that might have a positive impact on the local and national system.




Urban contexts organized in a circular and smart way, presenting current projects and possible development trends with a focus on smart cities, mobility and urban farming


Biomaterials that could replace synthetic ones in several fields, emerging practices in the reuse and regeneration of materials and future trends in material science


Emerging technologies and possible trends that overturn the concept of waste and optimize the use of resources with a focus on AI, IoT, blockchain and green energy

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Milano 2019

La principale finalità dell’evento è stata quella di presentare percorsi pratici e potenziali scenari evolutivi, che possano condurre alla nascita di attività innovative ed imprenditoriali che abbiano un impatto positivo sul sistema economico locale e nazionale.

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Genova 2019

La principale finalità dell'evento è stata quella di presentare delle progettualità ed una visione sui potenziali sviluppi della Blue Economy, in modo da favorire la nascita di attività innovative ed imprenditoriali in ambito marino.

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Milano 2020

The main purpose of the event was to present a vision of the macro trends, the possible evolutionary paths and the main projects of the Circular Economy at Italian and European level, involving different actors that are operating in that field, such as companies, start-ups, research centers and other institutions.

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